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Stage 2: IP Commercialisation Strategy & Planning

Develop an overriding strategic plan to outline the commercialisation pathway for your IP, based on understanding the organisations ability to develop and leverage innovation into IP and revenue.

At this stage, we assess in further detail various commercialisation options, both in domestic and international standing. We cost out alternatives, investigate any access to government assistance, make suggestions as to the most appropriate implementation option, and map out and cost next steps for you.

If your IP requires industrial design and production of a prototype, Activate Advisory is able to assist you as we are a combined service commercialisation consultancy that includes in-house product design Computer Aided Design Services (CAD) and 3D Prototype creation and access to a software development team. Our industrial design services are provided by:

Commercialisation options can be accessed via our unique Technology Transfer Agreements with multinational corporations and specialist manufacturing companies. These provide you with:

  • Direct access to the key decision makers responsible for the evaluation of new technology and innovation;
  • Review and assessment of your IP within 14 days; and
  • A decision whether or not to commercialise your IP within 120 days.

Notable Technology Transfer Partners of Activate Advisory include:

IP Commercialisation Strategy and Planning Workshop

with Multiple Checkpoint Sessions

This 12-week engagement will allow Activate Advisory to formulate a comprehensive strategy for your Intellectual Property (IP). The engagement will work on the IP commercialisation canvas and answer critical answers that investors and potential buyers will be asking about your IP. The engagement will also allow you to explore and understand the commercialisation pathway and identify the key requirements to increase the potential of a successful outcome.


The outputs from this engagement are the following:

  1. IP Commercialisation Strategy Canvas
  2. 1-page Strategic Business Plan
  3. High Level IP Commercialisation Overview Report
  4. Intellectual Property Commercialisation Score Card analysis and recommendation
  5. Identification of viable channels to the market and an analysis of the opportunities available with each channel;
  6. Formulation of your Elevator Pitch which includes your Brand Promise, Unique Selling Proposition, and Unique Value Proposition
  7. Comprehensive strategic advisory on preferred commercialisation pathway (License, Sell, Joint Venture, Go-to Market)

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