Who We Are

Activate Advisory is a global network of commercialisation advisors who help innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations understand and unlock the value of their Intellectual Property (IP). From ideation through strategic planning and market entry, we draw on global-domain specialist experience to streamline the commercialisation process.

Our Team

Tristan Boyd, Managing Director photo

Tristan Boyd

Managing Director

Tristan has co founded & scaled multiple startups in his career. He has a passion for innovation, business, and in studying the art of entrepreneurship.

Simon Rowell, IP Management and Commercialisation photo

Simon Rowell

IP Management and Commercialisation

Simon practiced for 17 years as a lawyer and patent attorney. Much of his work involved licensing IP. He is the founder of Innovation Liberation Front.

Crystal Diaz, Strategic Finance & Operations photo

Crystal Diaz

Strategic Finance & Operations

Crystal has helped businesses by providing business accounting solutions, such as managing cash flow, improving productivity and optimising decision-making.

Vivek Dahiya, IP Commercialisation & Technologies photo

Vivek Dahiya

IP Commercialisation & Technologies

Vivek is an innovator, an engineer, a patent agent, an advocate and a strategist, with over a decade of experience in IP and innovations.

About Us

Our Philosophy & Values

Entrepreneurial by nature, with a proven track record in commercialisation, our team is made up of innovators and entrepreneurs turn advisors launching and scaling fast-growing businesses.

We work collaboratively with you— the leaders and innovators— to understand your core objectives and to build the kinds of internal and external relationships that lead to commercial success.

  • Innovative & Collaborative
  • Authentic
  • Passionate
  • Persevering & Persistent
  • Leader-driven development

Our Purpose

Why & How We Do It

Australia & New Zealand are leaders in world-class research and development, from splitting the atom to the classic Aussie Ute and WIFI to major Biotech & Agritech breakthroughs— we are passionate about innovation. We love helping innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations develop and scale innovation to realise the full commercial value of their Intellectual Property (IP).

  • Acceleration of ideation and innovation across all industry sectors through dynamic education and advocacy strategies
  • Mapping a clear pathway from ideation to commercialisation
  • Protect and promote the Intellectual Property (IP) of innovators
  • Transform innovation into revenue through the skills and expertise of our global network
  • Connecting entrepreneurs and organisation to the right investors, joint ventures, licensees or customers

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Apply for your exclusive Scope of Interest discussion between an Activate advisor and yourself, during which they will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of your business aspirations and product or service.
What our clients say


  • As Co-Founder/Director of a new global web based infotainment channel to be launched in 2014, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend the Activate Advisory Program. John and James were invaluable in both assessing and further developing our business planning and investment modelling, trade mark and patent requirements, target marketing, corporate setup and capital raising. I have no hesitation in recommending them in the highest terms.

    Anthony Camillos
    GP Media Pty Ltd
  • The Activate Advisory Workshop gave us a clear picture on steps to be taken in progressing further with our product. The Workshop also opened our eyes to other potential opportunities. The Activate Advisory Workshop is vital for any inventor when developing a commercialisation plan for their product.

    Mick Ferreri
    Innovator and Inventor
  • I have found the jump from developing and patenting my invention, to bringing that invention into the real, physical world as a marketable product a daunting and confusing task. Having no idea where to start with this, Baxter IP referred me to James and Hunter at Activate Advisory. The thoughtful and informed opinions and answers I’ve been given only describe part of the service that has been provided to me. Not only have I been able to openly ask questions; questions have been asked of me that have encouraged me to critically analyse the plans I have for my invention. I have been provided with clear and concise summaries of meetings / workshops, including step by step instructions on what actions I need to take next in the commercialisation process. The experience and knowledge possessed by James and Hunter have made the commercialisation side of inventing much more enjoyable and I plan to collaborate with them on all future inventions. I would recommend Activate Advisory to anyone who is seriously working towards sharing their ideas with the world.

    Cassie Ashe
    Innovator and Inventor
  • I was impressed by the amount of work you had both obviously put in in preparation for the workshop and I feel very confident in your ability provide advice that will maximise the potential for my project to be successful.

    David Webster
    Innovator and Inventor
  • Thanks for the report, it was very insightful.

    Phillip Brown
    Innovator and Inventor