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Stage 3: Go-to-Market

We work with you to select and implement a “go-to-market” strategy and develop an appropriate market approach, branding strategy, marketing material, distribution implementation, costing analysis, cash flow analysis and recommend a management accounting and governance structure that allows for capital raising in the future, if so desired.

IP Licensing Option

Licensing your intellectual property can be an effective way to quickly establish a return on investment and to leverage expansion of your business. A licence agreement is a contract in which the patent owner gives permission to a licensee to commercialise or use their technology in exchange for payments (e.g. in the form of a one-off payment, royalties or both).

Negotiating a licence agreement is often a minefield and many entrepreneurs fail to maximise returns by accepting unfavourable licensing arrangements. We can help you develop an Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Strategy that you can take with you to the negotiating table.


  1. Identify and approach who could potentially license your Intellectual Property (IP).
  2. Term Sheet for a Licence Agreement will typically be a 6 to 10-page document and normally includes a series of plain-English clauses.

Capital Raising & Commercial Feasibility

Activate Advisory will help you get “Investor Ready”. We help you build a winning profile as we connect you to our Global network of private equity, venture capital funds, institutions, and high net worth individuals. We’ll make sure you’ll leave a lasting impression.


  1. Identify and approach potential investors or funding for your IP/ Start-up or Venture
  2. An Information Memorandum for Offer to Sophisticated Investors using standard template which includes preparation of financial and cashflow forecasts for Series A, B, or C round of capital
  3. A Go-to-Market plan for your IP/Start-up or Venture

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