We can help you monetise your intellectual property.

Activate Advisory is a global network of commercialisation advisors who help innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations understand and unlock the value of their Intellectual Property (IP).

IP Commercialisation
Strategy & Planning

We assess in further detail various commercialisation options for your IP, both on domestic and international standing.

Investor Ready &
Capital Raising

Activate helps your Intellectual Property (IP) become “Investor Ready”. We help you build a winning profile as we connect you to our Global network.

Licensing of
Intellectual Property

We can help you develop an Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Strategy that you can take with you to the negotiating table.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide you with expert advisory, consulting and oversight of selected commercial implementation options.

IP Audit & Discovery

Activate will take a deep dive into defining and understanding your Intellectual Property (IP).

Monetising your IP

We work with you to select and implement a go-to-market strategy and develop an appropriate approach to Monetise your IP.

Who We Are

Activate Advisory is a global network of commercialisation advisors

We help innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations understand and unlock the value of their Intellectual Property (IP). From ideation through strategic planning and market entry, we draw on global-domain specialist experience to streamline the commercialisation process.

How and Why We Do It

Our Purpose

  • Acceleration of ideation and innovation across all industry sectors through dynamic education and advocacy strategies
  • Mapping a clear pathway from ideation to commercialisation
  • Protect and promote the Intellectual Property (IP) of innovators
  • Transform innovation into revenue through the skills and expertise of our global network
  • Connecting entrepreneurs and organisation to the right investors, joint ventures, licensees or customers

We love helping innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations develop and scale innovation to realise the full commercial value of their Intellectual Property (IP).

Our 5-Step Approach

Our 5 Step Approach diagram
Tell us about your idea

Talk to us +61 4 0140 2262

Apply for your exclusive Scope of Interest discussion between an Activate advisor and yourself, during which they will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of your business aspirations and product or service.


What they say


  • The Activate Advisory Workshop gave us a clear picture on steps to be taken in progressing further with our product. The Workshop also opened our eyes to other potential opportunities. The Activate Advisory Workshop is vital for any inventor when developing a commercialisation plan for their product.

    Mick Ferreri
    Innovator and Inventor
  • I was impressed by the amount of work you had both obviously put in in preparation for the workshop and I feel very confident in your ability provide advice that will maximise the potential for my project to be successful.

    David Webster
    Innovator and Inventor
  • Thanks for the report, it was very insightful.

    Phillip Brown
    Innovator and Inventor
  • The team at Activate Advisory was instrumental in laying out the path and keeping me on track to take all the necessary steps to commercialise my invention. Tristan and Ace simplified an otherwise complicated process and opened up other opportunities along the way to maximise the potential of my product.

    Andrew Kollmorgen
    Innovator and business owner
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