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Stage 1: Discovery

We take a deep dive to explore and understand the internal IP and its applications for commercialisation.

You then have the opportunity to undertake a Discovery Workshop, which is an in-depth session (either in person or via teleconference) with Activate Advisory Experts, who are appropriately matched to your industry sector.

The Workshop explores in detail the nature of your product or services, your business aspirations, existing and potential competitors, the national and international marketplace and possible pathways for the commercialisation of your Intellectual Property (IP).

Discovery Workshop

This half-day workshop will allow Activate Advisory to take a deep dive into defining and understanding your IP. This process will extract key information and assimilate data on the potential opportunities while educating clients on the key commercialisation pathway requirements and potential outcomes.


The output from the Discovery Workshop is a Discovery Commercialisation Assessment Report outlining a suggested commercialisation path for your innovation. The Discovery Commercialisation Assessment Report typically consists of:

  1. An overview of your innovation, company and the product/service;
  2. Identification of the target market and market size for your product;
  3. Evaluation and gap analysis audit; Feasibility viability assessment;
  4. A situational assessment – Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT) analysis;
  5. Identification of key internal and external opportunities and issues that may impact upon the commercialisation of your intellectual property;
  6. An analysis of strategic options; and
  7. A top line pathway recommendations and staged plan.

Government Grant Services

During the discovery stage we can also assist you in identifying government grants and incentive programs that may be applicable for your IP/Venture. These grants and programs are designed to assist companies investing in research and development and innovation. These include the R&D Tax Incentive, the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program, and Export Market Development Grant.

Our Grant advisory team offers a no obligation meeting to clients to discuss their eligibility and suitability for the many Australian government grant programs that are available.

Your success is our success. Fees for Grant applications are only charged upon successful receipt of government funding.

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